Photo: Patrik Rastenberger

Acrobatic Croquis

Helsingin Taidehalli 10.10., 17.10., 24.10., 31.10.2019 18.15–20.00

Thursday 10.10. at 18.15–20.00
Thursday 17.10. at 18.15–20.00
Thursday 24.10. at 18.15–20.00
Thursday 31.10. at 18.15–20.00

This autumn’s movement croquis brings new challenges to drawing when Circus Artist Petri Ekqvist performs acrobatic moves in Kunsthalle Helsinki’s exhibition space. Acrobacy is the performance of extraordinary human feats of balance, motor coordination and agility. Produced by the Finnish Art Society, the focus of the Acrobatic Croquis lies in observing the connection between acrobatics and movement: acrobatic moves and handstand poses challenge the drawer to percept the human body in a new way.

Please bring your own drawing materials. Tickets: €8 / Finnish Art Society’s members €5. Please note that places are limited (50 seats). No advance registration.

Petri Ekqvist is an art and well-being professional with 20 years of experience as a dancer and circus artist. He has performed widely in Finland and abroad in various productions on land, at sea and in the air. Petri works currently as a dancer, dance teacher and personal trainer as well as realizing well-being services for companies and their personnel.