Elina Autio: Sideways 1, Galleria Sculptor, 2018. Photo: Titus Verhe

The Finnish Art Society presents annually thirteen important art awards (Ducat Prize, Lifetime Achievement Award, Edvard Richter Prize and ten William Thuring Prizes) and gives grants to young artists and art critics.

Elina Autio (b. 1985, Tampere), Valkeakoski

Elina Autio: Sideways 1, Galleria Sculptor, 2018. Kuva: Titus Verhe

Ducat Prize, founded in 1858, is the oldest art award in Finland. It is presented by the Art Society annually to a young Finnish artist under 35 in recognition of special merit.

Kari Cavén (b. 1954, Savonlinna), Helsinki

Kari Cavén, Korkeiden paikkojen kammo, 2018, 50 x 100 cm

The Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to older artists in recognition of significant life’s work.


The William Thuring Foundation’s main prize and other designated prizes are awarded without application to mid-career artists between ages 35 and 45. On principle, the prizes are awarded annually, and the funds to be awarded are included in the Foundation’s annual donation to the Art Society.

Jani Ruscica (b. 1978, Savonlinna), Helsinki

Jani Ruscica: Flatlands, 2018, custom made objects, musicians. Photo: Petr Viksna


Erika Adamsson (b. 1973, Turku), Turku; painting
Erno Enkenberg (b. 1975, Hyvinkää), Espoo; painting
Jan Ijäs (b. 1975, Jyväskylä), Helsinki; media art
Pekka & Teija Isorättyä (both b. 1980, Tornio), Espoo; sculpture, installation
Liisa Lounila (b. 1976, Helsinki), Helsinki; video, photography, painting
Teemu Mäenpää (b. 1977, Kotka), Helsinki; painting
Rauha Mäkilä (b. 1980, Helsinki), Helsinki; painting
Alina Sinivaara (b. 1978, Helsinki), Helsinki; painting
Camilla Vuorenmaa (b. 1979, Tampere), Helsinki; painting

Art critic Helen Korpak (b. 1989, Helsinki), Helsinki

Helen Korpak. Photo: Theo Elias

Edvard Richter Price to art critics and writers who write about art was presented for the first time in 2018. The new prize replaced the former Literature Award.


for the book Hugo Simberg, Pirut ja enkelit (WSOY, 2018)

for excellent texts in the online magazine

for the book Pelitaiteen manifesti (Gaudeamus, 2018)


Thirty young artists were given a grant worth €6.000. The Art Society received 260 applications this year. The grant can be applied for annually in May-August by artists who are 35 years or under and have a professional degree in art.

1. Milla Aska (b. 1993, Sodankylä), Helsinki; painting
2. Andreas Behn-Eschenburg (b. 1988, Zürich, Switzerland), Helsinki; painting, graphics, 3D objects
3. Mirza Cizmic (b. 1985, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Vantaa; painting
4. Riikka Gröndahl (b. 1989, Lappeenranta), Göteborg, Ruotsi; video, sound, text
5. Mikko Haapoja (b. 1984, Helsinki), Helsinki; media art, sound, installation, performance
6. Kaija Hinkula (b. 1984, Kuopio), Oulu; painting
7. Felicia Honkasalo (b. 1986, Siuntio), Helsinki; photography, installation, media art, sculpture
8. Aapo Huhta (b. 1985, Haapajärvi), Helsinki; photography, video
9. Henrik Härkönen (b. 1989, Joutseno), Vantaa; sculpture, installation
10. Tekla Inari (b. 1984, Helsinki), Helsinki; photography, text
11. Noora Isoeskeli (b. 1982, Turku), Turku; photography, painting, drawing
12. Lasse Juuti (b. 1990, Tampere), Espoo; painting, installation
13. Minna-Kaisa Kallinen-Paaso (b. 1984, Helsinki), Helsinki; text, sound, performance, video, installation
14. Joel Karppanen (b. 1993, Rovaniemi), Kemi; photography, video
15. Hermanni Keko (b. 1987, Isokyrö), Helsinki; painting
16. Tuomas Linna (b. 1985, Keitele), Helsinki; photography, video, sound, text
17. Jan Lütjohann (b. 1987, Kiel, Germany), Helsinki; sculpture
18. Mari Mäkiö (b. 1982, Tampere), Helsinki; photography, video, sound, installation
19. Anne Naukkarinen (b. 1987, Järvenpää), Helsinki; performance, sound, installation
20. Akuliina Niemi (b. 1987, Tuusula), Helsinki; installation, media art
21. Vili von Nissinen (b. 1987, Tampere), Helsinki; performance, video, drawing
22. Suvi Nurmi (b. 1982, Espoo), Helsinki; installation, community art, site-specific art
23. Okko Pöyliö (b. 1989, Turku), Helsinki; drawing
24. Sebastian Reis (b. 1985, Horn, Austria), Helsinki; painting, photography, sculpture
25. Hemmo Siponen (b. 1991, Helsinki), Helsinki; painting, video
26. Joel Slotte (b. 1987, Kokkola), Helsinki; painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture
27. Maija Tammi (b. 1986, Lieto), Helsinki; photography, video, installation
28. Juhani Tuomi (b. 1983, Tampere), Tampere; painting
29. Toni Vallasjoki (b. 1984, Lahti), Helsinki; photography, sculpture, art books
30. One artist did not give the permission to publish their personal information.


The purpose of the Edvard Richter Grant for art critics is to enable the recipient to study contemporary international fine art abroad. The total sum was €10.000.

1. Mira Arkko (b. 1983), Hämeenlinna: €1.400, Sapporo, Japan
2. Camilla Granbacka (b. 1972), Porvoo: €850, Venice Biennale
3. Marja-Terttu Kivirinta (b. 1948), Helsinki: €1.000, Taipei, Taiwan
4. Seppo Metso (b. 1954), Helsinki: €850, Venice Biennale
5. Anu Pasanen (b. 1983), Turku: €1.400, Germany, France, Great Britain
6. Maaria Salo (b. 1968), Tampere: €850, Venice Biennale
7. Olli Sorjonen (b. 1981), Joensuu: €800, London
8. Jari Tamminen (b. 1976), Helsinki: €800, Amsterdam
9. Jaakko Uoti (b. 1987), Helsinki: €850, Venice Biennale
10. Jane Vuorinen (b. 1986), Turku: €1.200, Rencontres d’Arles, Paris Photo