Photo: Veikko Somerpuro


The Finnish Art Society’s Literary Award (1984–2017), given to writers, journalists and illustrators for works that have significantly furthered art literature and recognition of art in Finland, was replaced by the new EDVARD RICHTER AWARD in 2018. The award, €10.000, is given annually to art critics and writers who write about art.

There are several art book awards for the most beautiful books in Finland. The aim of the Edvard Richter Award is to emphasize the importance of writers and critics in making art more recognized and better-known by public.



The award was given to the art critic Helen Korpak (b. 1989, Helsinki).

Helen Korpak. Kuva: Theo Elias



Helena Ruuska for the book Hugo Simberg, Pirut ja enkelit (WSOY, 2018)

Edit-media for excellent articles in the online art magazine

Juho Kuorikoski for the book Pelitaiteen manifesti (Gaudeamus, 2018)


The members of the Literature Board in 2018:

Asko Mäkelä (Chair), Heikki Kastemaa and Sini Mononen.