THE YOUNG ARTIST GRANTS 2017 (total €180.000)

The Young Artist Grant is awarded to artists who are 35 years or under and have a professional degree in art. Thirty young artists received a grant worth €6000.

1. ARNOLD Dylan Ray (b. 1982 in Helsinki), Helsinki; drawing, object collage, sculpture, installation, video
2. de ÁVILA Felipe (b. 1982 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil), Helsinki; sculpture, installation, video, photography
3. BYSTRÖM Otto (b. 1987 in Oulu), Helsinki; moving image, sound, text, sculpture, installation, performance
4. HAAPALA Lilli (b. 1984 in Salo), Turku; installation, video, photography, sculpture
5. HEINONEN Henrik (b. 1987 in Riihimäki), Espoo; sound, installation, light, moving image, sculpture
6. HEINONEN Viljami (b. 1986 in Tampere), Tampere; painting
7. HERRERA Inma (b. 1986 in Madrid, Spain), Helsinki; printmaking, sculpture, video performance, installation
8. HORVATH Sanna (b. 1986 in Helsinki), Pyrbaum, Germany; printmaking, installation
9. INKERÖ Artor Jesus (b. 1989 in Helsinki), Helsinki; photography, moving image, performance
10. JOTUNI Kim (b. 1982 in Järvenpää), Helsinki; sculpture
11. JÄÄSKELÄINEN Emma (b. 1988 in Espoo), Espoo; sculpture, installation, video, sound, performance
12. KITTI Henni (b. 1985 in Pello), Turku; drawing, painting, photography, video, text
13. KOLJONEN Tanja (b. 1981 in Muonio), Helsinki; photography, mixed media
14. KUITTINEN Liina (b. 1983 in Turku), Helsinki; performance, installation, video
15. LASSILA Maija (b. 1985 in Vihti), Helsinki; painting, installation, video
16. LEINO Kalle (b. 1982 in Jyväskylä), Turku; painting
17. MAARANEN Iisa (b. 1987 in Helsinki), Helsinki; painting
18. MARTIKAINEN Aleksi (b. 1984 in Kontiolahti), Helsinki; sculpture, printmaking, kinetic art
19. MÄENPÄÄ Kristiina (b. 1990 in Tampere), Turku; photography, installation
20. NISKANEN Tero (b. 1982 in Tampere), Helsinki; photography, printmaking, installation, sound
21. NORONKOSKI Juuso (b. 1983 in Helsinki), Helsinki; photography, video, sculpture, text
22. SAARIKOSKI Aura (b. 1987 in Helsinki), Helsinki; photography, video, text, installation
23. SAARINEN Raimo (b. 1984 in Helsinki), Helsinki; sculpture
24. STAUFFER Kaarlo (b. 1988 in Nastola), Helsinki; painting
25. TALPSEPP-JAANISOO Berit (b. 1984 in Tartu, Estonia), Pirkkala; sculpture, photography
26. TAMMISAARI Tuukka (b. 1984 in Lahti), Helsinki; painting, drawing, sculpture
27. TAPOLA Pauli (b. 1982 in Helsinki), Helsinki; painting, moving image
28. TEISKA Tuija(b. 1985 in Kajaani), Espoo; sculpture
29. VÄÄRISKOSKI Liisa (b. 1991 in Helsinki), Helsinki; moving image, photography, performance
30. One artist did not give the permission to publish their personal information.


The Young Artist Grant is awarded to artists who are 35 years or under and have a professional degree in art. Thirty grants worth €6000 will be given to 30 young artists in December.

Application period: from 2nd May to 31th August 2018.

Age limit: Applicants must be no more than 35 years of age at the end of the application period (31th August 2018).

Education: Applicants are primarily required to have completed basic studies in art. Applicants who are on the last leg of their studies and are already working in the profession, but have not yet graduated officially (for instance, one or both parts of their diploma work has been completed) are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Earlier grants: The Young Artist Grant cannot be awarded twice to the same person.

Object of grant: The grant can be awarded as a working grant, a project grant, or for the purchase of equipment, for instance. The grant can also be awarded for further art studies in Finland or abroad.

Note: the application form is available only in Finnish and in Swedish.

Mail the completed form with appendices to:
Finnish Art Society
c/o Kunsthalle Helsinki
Nervanderinkatu 3
00100 Helsinki

More information: info(at), tel. 045 7731 4315.