Photo: Patrik Rastenberger



Thirty young artists were given a grant worth €6.000. The Finnish Art Society received 269 applications this year. The grant can be applied for annually in May-August by artists who are 35 years or under and have a professional degree in art. The grants are announced in December.

1. Aatos Sampo (b. 1984, Helsinki), Helsinki; installation, sculpture
2. Ala-Ruona Jyri (b. 1986, Stockholm, Sweden), Helsinki; painting, sculpture
3. Dahlberg Laura (b. 1991, Jyväskylä), Helsinki; installation, sculpture
4. Elnyg Rag (b. 1993, Annecy, France), Karjalohja; media art, performance
5. Haarla Siiri (b. 1986, Espoo), Helsinki; painting, writing
6. Heikkilä Johannes (b. 1986, Rovaniemen mlk), Rovaniemi; woodcut, painting
7. Humberg Paula (b. 1983, Jyväskylä), Jyväskylä; photography, eco art
8. Hyvönen Joonas (b. 1990, Helsinki), Helsinki; media art, installation
9. Immonen Ida (b. 1992, Heinola), Oslo, Norway; textile art, sculpture
10. Javits Alisa (b. 1984, Saint Petersburg, Russia), Helsinki; video, media art
11. Kopkina Natalia (b. 1984, Saint Petersburg, Russia), Helsinki; photography, writing
12. Korpijaakko Kastehelmi (b. 1984, Lohja), Helsinki; photography, installation
13. Kumpulainen Ville (b. 1988, Rovaniemi), Helsinki; photography, installation
14. Liesinen Peetu (b. 1988, Tenhola), Helsinki; painting, sculpture
15. Lintunen Aino (b. 1990, Jyväskylä), Helsinki; painting, sculpture
16. Luiro Markus (b. 1985, Rovaniemi), Pori; drawing, painting
17. Peura Emma (b. 1988, Kauhava), Helsinki; printmaking, media art
18. Pääkkönen Maria (b. 1988, Riihimäki), Helsinki; drawing, installation
19. Råst Hanna (b. 1986, Saarijärvi), Helsinki; photography, video
20. Saarekas Tuuli (b. 1988, Helsinki), Helsinki; sculpture, installation
21. Sedlerova-Villanen Kristina (b. 1987, Kohtla-Järve, Estonia), Helsinki; installation, sculpture
22. Siri Marianne (b. 1985, Inari), Lahti; sculpture, installation
23. van Son Marloes (b. 1991, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Helsinki; sound, sculpture
24. Strömberg Astrid (b. 1990, Helsinki), Helsinki; painting, installation
25. Sysi Suvi (b. 1990, Nilsiä), Helsinki; installation
26. Torikka Iina (b. 1985, Joensuu), Kotka; painting
27. Valja Pinja (b. 1984, Espoo), Helsinki; video, media art
28. Valkonen Iida (b. 1989, Helsinki), Helsinki; drawing, installation
29. Wiking Kristin (b. 1987, Gävle, Sweden), Helsinki; sculpture, installation
30. Välikangas Ville (b. 1983, Kirkkonummi), Kerava; painting


Jury 2019:
Chair: Antti Tanttu, artist
Susanne Gottberg, artist
Hanna Johansson, researcher, art historian
Heini Aho, artist
Pessi Rautio, M.A., art critic



Next application period: from 2nd May to 30th August 2019.

The application form will be filled online here.

Age limit: Applicants must be no more than 35 years of age at the end of the application period (August 31, 2020).

Education: Applicants are primarily required to have completed basic studies in art. Applicants who are on the last leg of their studies and are already working in the profession, but have not yet graduated officially (for instance, one or both parts of their diploma work has been completed) are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Earlier grants: Young Artists’ Grant cannot be awarded twice to the same person.

Object of grant: The grant can be awarded as a working grant, a project grant, or for the purchase of equipment, for instance. The grant can also be awarded for further art studies in Finland or abroad.

More information: info(at), tel. 045 7731 4315.