Kunsthalle Helsinki 13.1.–25.2.2018
Editor: Pirkko Tuukkanen
Publisher: Finnish Art Society, 2018
Texts: EGS, Alan Ket, Jacob Kimvall, Rafael Schacter
English, Finnish, Swedish. Hardcover. 240 pp.
ISBN 978-952-68476-2-7

“EGS (1974, Helsinki) is remarkable, and not simply because he has painted all over the world; on five continents and in more than fifty countries, from Bucharest to Buenos Aires and from Shanghai to Santiago. He has also painted with everyone who is anyone all over the world; from Ket to Lodek, Rainman to Risk, Petro to Pike, and from Honet to Hes. In recent years, he has successfully expanded his artistic range into more traditional artforms, including sculptures and works in ink.”

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