The Members’ Lottery 2008 was arranged at the Cable Factory 15th January 2009.

As many as 141 works of art were raffled among the members (25 works among those who participated in the event and 116 works among all the members of the year 2008). More than 360 members were present at the party, 74 of them brand new who joined on arrival!

Teosarpajaiset 2008
The hosts of the evening, Minna Joenniemi and Jonni Roos, inspired by Gunnar Berndtson’s painting Art Connoisseurs in the Louvre (1879), interviewing the artist Antti Laitinen. In Laitinen’s performance Walk the Line he walked the streets of Helsinki following a pattern, which was reflected on the wall and turned into Laitinen’s self-portrait little by little as he kept on walking.

Teosarpajaiset 2008
The artists Karri Kuoppala and Maiju Salmenkivi participated in the Lottery. The hostess of the evening, Minna Joenniemi, in the middle. In the background Antti Laitinen’s self-portrait created in the performance.

Photos: Roger Gustafsson