The Members’ Lottery 2011 took place at the Cable Factory 12th January 2012.

In the main lottery 107 works of art were raffled among all the members of the year 2011 (1771 members). During the event, 25 works of art were raffled among the nearly 600 members who were present.

The hosts of the event, Jonni Roos and Minna Joenniemi, interviewing the burlesque artist Leila Halkeama (alter ego of the artist Petra Innanen), who gave a performance and also acted as one of the “Lady Fortunas” drawing the winning lottery tickets from the lottery box:

Photo: Roger Gustafsson.

The Literary Award 2011 was given at the event to Ph.D. Riitta Ojanperä for the book Kriitikko Einari J. Vehmas ja moderni taide (Central Art Archives, 2010). Honorary mention was given to Silja Rantanen for Vargvändonin puutarha (Sara Hildén Art Museum’s publications 90, 2011).

Kirjallisuuspalkinto 2011
The Chairman of the Finnish Art Society, Veikko Kasurinen; the Literary Award winner Riitta Ojanperä; and the members of the Literary Board: Seppo Heiskanen, Leena Kuumola and Päivi Karttunen. Photo: Roger Gustafsson.