at the Cable Factory, 8 February 2017

In the main art lottery 100 works of art were raffled among all the 1.614 members of the year 2016. The names of the winners were announced at the traditional gala event at the Cable Factory. At the event 25 more works of art were raffled in the so-called local lottery among the old and new members who were present.

The evening was hosted by the Nutty Tarts, an art duo formed by Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri. Among the guests being interviewed on the show were the most internationally recognized Finnish graffiti artist EGS and the gallerist Umut Kiukas from Make Your Mark Garage/Gallery. EGS and Vilma Metteri engaged in a fierce graffiti battle onstage.

Umut Kiukas (vas.), Katriina Haikala ja EGS. Kuva: Patrik Rastenberger

Live music was played by the jazz band OK:KO with folk music elements and by the performing group Katriinamies with improvised pieces.

Among the lottery prizes were paintings such as I’ll Fix It by Ville-Veikko Viikilä and Crow by Catharina Gröndahl, drawings such as Stranglers by Kalevi Helvetti, and a performance Vieno Motors by Ilona Valkonen.

Catharina Gröndahl: Crow, 2015, oil on board, 44 x 31 cm

Photos: Patrik Rastenberger